Overview of RAI Activities Throughout the Product Life Cycle

Help - RAI Toolkit


We welcome feedback so that we can ensure this resource better tracks the needs and priorities of the DoD. The RAI Toolkit Team can be contacted via email.


Guest Accounts and Account Creation

The Toolkit can be used without creating an account.

To create an account or sign in, click the blue circle in the top right corner. From here, you can also manage your account settings and sign out.

Saving your Results

The Toolkit can be saved locally through clicking the “Export” button on the left side bar of the SHIELD Assessment. This creates a local download to your machine (in JSON format).

If you would like to resume work at any point, you can upload your local copy, following the instructions in the next section. Alternatively, you can also send your JSON file to anyone else for them to view your response or continue work.

Any local copies you generate will be the only copies of your responses. None of your responses are stored by the web app.

Uploading your Results

You can upload your previously saved work (or work that has been sent to you), by uploading the JSON file and clicking the “Import” button on the left side bar of the SHIELD Assessment.

Exporting as PDF

You can view and download your responses as a PDF through clicking the “View PDF” on the left side bar of the SHIELD Assessment.

Viewing the Labels and Responsibility Matrix within the SHIELD Assessment

Within the SHIELD Assessment, you can view the labels involved in each section by clicking the drop-down menu (“Filters & RASCI”) under each section heading.

This also allows you to view the RASCI/Responsibility Matrix for each item.

Using the Filters in the SHIELD Assessment

To tailor the SHIELD Assessment, you can set the filers on the right side bar (titled “Filters”) on the Shield Assessment.

By toggling the button for “Gate”, you can auto-populate the Assessment with only the most critical items of the Assessment.

You can also select items through the “RASCI” section to auto-populate the Assessment with the items that are relevant to particular personas/work roles, the “Principle” section to auto-populate the Assessment with the items that pertain to the selected DoD AI Ethical Principle(s), and the ‘Discipline’ section to see the items related to particular disciplines.

By scrolling down to the bottom, the “Active Filters” counter will tell you how many filters you have active. You may want to first clear all of the filters before auto-populating the Assessment with different filters.

Accessing the Tools

You can access the tools by clicking the Blue Links in the SHIELD Assessment, which provide links to the tool, links to documentation, and an overview of the Tool and relevant information for use.

The tools can also be accessed through the RAI Tools List. The list of tools can be navigated through setting the appropriate filters.